We believe that a learned participation will serve the industry better. There is a deficit in the understanding of OOH which is further pronounced in the case of DOOH.

We offer customised training programmes that leverage specific functions to perform optimally.

Client Servicing
& Planning

Client servicing is seldom engaged in the media planning process. They lack an understanding of the process and this affects their ability to deliver optimum service levels. 

While the problem causes strain in client agency relationships, it also impacts the ability of client servicing to drive revenue opportunities. 

Our training will help them have an informed conversation with clients. In a language that is rich in data and objective focal points. Client servicing will be able to deliver campaigns without the need for escalation and with shorter turnaround causing a positive impact on revenue cycle. 

Client servicing will gain the ability to serve and sell impact and talk the language of outcomes.

Trading Teams

Trading teams are versed with traditional and conventional OOH buying. However, a changing landscape demands understanding of programmatic, data and evolving digital avenues.

A key value that Glocal Bridge offers is that we train the trading teams to gain understanding of OOH and DOOH from a larger geographical perspective. Often we find traders engaged with a limited territorial understanding that limits revenue opportunities.

Global Bridge has the capacity and the experience to build a seamless team serving the business of OOH and DOOH for agencies.


• Upselling

• Better and linear growth revenue trends

• Higher service levels resulting in better client retention

• Training and skill development that will attract and retain better talent