The Rise of Digitisation in OOH: The Future of Advertising

Over the past few years, the out-of-home (OOH) advertising industry has undergone a significant transformation. The rise of digitisation in OOH has led to the adoption of data-led platforms and asset digitisation, which has shaped the future of the industry. In this blog, we will explore the impact of digitisation on OOH and its future prospects.

The Emergence of Data and DOOH

Data has always been a crucial aspect of OOH advertising. However, the collection method was more manual and dependent on individual inputs, which led to bias. With the availability and accessibility of location audience data, it is now easier to measure large-scale campaigns. Advertisers can identify how many people saw a particular campaign, the frequency of exposure, capture their geo-behaviour, and optimise the next campaign. Data plays an important role in OOH, and it has led to the emergence of digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

DOOH advertising has seen massive growth in recent years, not just in terms of consumption by brands but also investments in place-based assets. The DOOH industry grew 3x in the past two years and is expected to grow even more. Programmatic advertising in DOOH is driving automated buying, which is seeing inclusion in omnichannel media buys. Large digital platforms like Google and Tradedesk are eyeing the medium, which indicates its future growth prospects.

The Complementarity of OOH and Social Media

In the digital media age, OOH has proven to be the best complement to social media. Both channels carry locally relevant messaging and hence work best when paired. We are also seeing more and more digital channels using OOH to promote themselves. OOH is also a proven partner for all other mediums to drive incremental reach and deliver larger-than-life impact that no other medium can.

The Importance of Creativity

OOH is a creative medium, and partnering with brand and creative agencies is the only way to exploit the medium’s potential. It is not about how large a billboard or DOOH you buy, but what drives the real impact is the creative you place on it. A creative and innovative campaign can capture the audience’s attention and create a lasting impression.

The Future of OOH

The future of OOH looks promising, with its impactfulness, localisation, and global accessibility. In the digital world grappling with fraud, privacy, and hyper-personalisation, OOH will be the non-intrusive, brand-safe, and fraud-free solution. It will offer an immersive and authentic experience to the audience, which cannot be replicated through any other medium.

The digitisation of OOH has brought a significant transformation in the advertising industry. The rise of data-led platforms, DOOH advertising, and the complementary relationship between OOH and social media has shaped the future of OOH. Creativity will continue to play an essential role in OOH, and partnering with brand and creative agencies will be the key to exploiting its potential. The future of OOH looks promising, and it will continue to offer an immersive and authentic experience to the audience.

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